We are CreatedByChris. We build good-looking and functional websites since 2010. Enjoyed every year so far. We run a team of professional freelancers, serving clients from Europe and the US.


Founder & Product Designer

With a background in UI and UX design, Chris handles the Design part of a Digital Product, making sure it's up to today's standards while fulfilling the clients' needs.
Aspiring entrepreneur and part-time dog lover.


Development Manager

Up to his elbows in code, Alex takes care of the development process for our Digital Products. He lives for PHP, can easily code a Wordpress website but his mastery lies in Laravel.
Has a cat named Sansa.

Our approach is simple & straightforward and involves 3 stages:


Everything starts with your awesome idea. We're gonna take it and do some research around it before creating the actual design.


This is where the truly fun part starts. Sketches, wireframes and prototypes. And finally, Photoshop (or Sketch). Then we'll show you what we came up with.


We'll take the design created in the previous stage and code it into a perfect website or app. We have good people handling all kinds of code.

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